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Thrifting Vintage Treasure To Decorate My Small Bedroom With

      My boyfriend and I have discovered this new bins store near us called, Where Ya Bin. Apparently, this store sells only Amazon returns at discounted prices. I wish I had a picture of the entire place but imagine the Goodwill Bins and that is pretty much it! The prices vary by day and decrease as the week goes on. Yesterday, it was $3 day. I picked up a few things like some crochet tools that I'm going to use to work with clay. Can you tell that I like to repurpose stuff haha! Today, everything at this store was $1. I picked up about $8 work of items. One being this wood mallet above. Though it has a big crack down the back of it, I thought aesthetically it was beautiful. As soon as I saw this guy, he literally called to me!       Another very interesting find is this fierce looking werwolf Halloween mask that I found right before I left. Something About the gold & black coloring just really grabbed my attention. This mask, though made of foam, reminds me of a bronze statue

Tonight For The First Time

       Tonight, for the first time, I made little clay pugs. I've been seeing these adorable clay animals on Youtube and Etsy.  The other day I was at Barnes & Noble and found Polymer Clay For Beginners book by Emily Chen. All of the animals looked so tiny that I assumed making them would take a tiny bit of effort. WRONG hahaha. I have never concentrated so hard on making a clay ball with some ears. With that being said, my little pug creations are above. Granted, the ears on the third one look like they are about to blow off. All of their tongues are also ridiculously long too. But, they are here!       I think trying anything for the first time is really challenging.  I've found that I have a continuous inner struggle with allowing myself to fail or suck at something. I'm organized and like to understand the outcome of my project before I even attempt it. This goes for recipes, trips, or jobs that I never hold on to long. Unfortunately, life does not usually go tha