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Tonight For The First Time


    Tonight, for the first time, I made little clay pugs. I've been seeing these adorable clay animals on Youtube and Etsy.  The other day I was at Barnes & Noble and found Polymer Clay For Beginners book by Emily Chen. All of the animals looked so tiny that I assumed making them would take a tiny bit of effort. WRONG hahaha. I have never concentrated so hard on making a clay ball with some ears. With that being said, my little pug creations are above. Granted, the ears on the third one look like they are about to blow off. All of their tongues are also ridiculously long too. But, they are here!  

    I think trying anything for the first time is really challenging.  I've found that I have a continuous inner struggle with allowing myself to fail or suck at something. I'm organized and like to understand the outcome of my project before I even attempt it. This goes for recipes, trips, or jobs that I never hold on to long. Unfortunately, life does not usually go that gracefully.  This is why, to challenge oneself remains a risk that one has to ask themselves if they are willing to take. 

    Everyones goals are going to be different. Here are a few things that I want to personally try working on below. 

-Making SMALLER goals that I can OBTAIN 

-Continuing to try new recipes. Try baking. 

-Start A Productivity Journal and Start Recording What You Get Done. Every Day. 

-Blog More. Even If It Is Short. 

-Keep making cute little clay dogs. 

Thanks for listening and loving me for who I am. 

Just a small divorce update. I am not FULLY divorced. November 9th 2023 on Thursday at 10:15 AM I went to court & got divorced. There is not much to say about it besides the fact that finally, after an unbelievably long year, it is over. There was a great sense of relief, but also sadness & emptiness. Because even with the bad, I know there was moments of good. And it is saying goodbye to both. 

I'm sure that I feel empty because this is just a new chapter. Thankfully, God made me loud and full of words. He created my fingers strong and my anxiety high because He probably knew I was going to have a lot to say.  For that, I am thankful. Heres to filling up the next chapter as I enter into this new season of life. 


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