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Thrifted Potteries & Finding Out What You Love


I can't explain to you how many times I have sworn off buying breakable items. And yet, here today I gave in to filling my Goodwill thrift store buggy with delicate, textured, and colorful pottery.  Basically, all that was breakable, went in haha! I've noticed that I am attracted to speckled pottery. Thankfully, I did manage to reason with myself and put back a teapot that would have cost more than it was worth to ship. I've had a few very exhausting shipping experiences lately. One being a model boat that I sent one state away for $130 dollars.  A quote I always say is that "sometimes we pay to learn!" 

Speaking of things I am attracted too... I figured I would list a few. 

Vintage Scales 
Old Hardback Books 
Monstera, Tropical, And Rare Plants
My Crockpot 
Carved Wood Animals
Beaded, Handmade, Geometric Jewelry
Self Care & Decorating Books
Cats & Dogs 
Whimsical & Nature Photography
Room Spray 
Vanilla & Dessert Candles
Very Soft Blankets 
Fuzzy Socks 
Soft Pajamas 
Dave Ramsey's Advice 
Photographing Food I made In Pretty Pottery 
Watching Book Hauls On Youtube
My dear friends: Courtney, Holly, Deven, Lauren, and Ann Marie
My dear partner, John, whom I owe so much too
And, of course, handmade pottery!

As I think of more, I can add to the list! I think as you get older, you start to realize more of what you love. Things & moments that bring you personal comfort during dark storms. Places to find laughter and peace that are sacred to you. Ways to grieve that apply healing balm to your aching soul. 

If you are struggling to figure out things you personally love, I would recommend starting a journal. You can literally start a journal out of a notebook, mini journal from the Dollar Tree, note pad, paper you staple together, drawing pad, etc. It does have to be anything fancy. I would suggest starting to jot down things in a list that you find appealing, like I did above. It's important to remember, for us perfectionists, that there is no wrong answer! The things you love are what make you unique from other people. In today's society, you start to feel like you must fit into a box. And that if you do not fit, you are an outcast or failure. Though it is understandable to feel this way, it is definitely unhealthy. As interesting as social media can be, it causes a lot of negative self images from the information we internalize. 

Want my advice? Try distancing yourself from social media that you feel you consume too much of. For instance, I recently deleted my entire account on Facebook. For me personally, that social media platform caused me to spend way too much time thinking about what I didn't have and focusing on negativity. I'm not saying you need to delete any accounts! But just try to focus more on things that build you up, empower you as a person, and support your ambitions. 

Speaking of ambitions, my next one is to get in the bed soon! Currently, the situation is not looking all that feasible, as our cat Mouse has taken over my full size bed! Hope you are having a nice night and that this blog post inspired you to do a bit of journaling. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself grace, and know that you are doing a great job. 

See you next time! 


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