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Thrifted Potteries & Finding Out What You Love

  I can't explain to you how many times I have sworn off buying breakable items. And yet, here today I gave in to filling my Goodwill thrift store buggy with delicate, textured, and colorful pottery.  Basically, all that was breakable, went in haha! I've noticed that I am attracted to speckled pottery. Thankfully, I did manage to reason with myself and put back a teapot that would have cost more than it was worth to ship. I've had a few very exhausting shipping experiences lately. One being a model boat that I sent one state away for $130 dollars.  A quote I always say is that "sometimes we pay to learn!"  Speaking of things I am attracted too... I figured I would list a few.  Vintage Scales  Old Hardback Books  Monstera, Tropical, And Rare Plants My Crockpot  Apothecaries  Carved Wood Animals Beaded, Handmade, Geometric Jewelry Self Care & Decorating Books Cats & Dogs  Whimsical & Nature Photography Room Spray  Vanilla & Dessert Candles Very Soft

A Day For Baking Bread

    Today, was a VERY rainy day.  One of those days where you want to eat warm food and not stray far from your bed. My boyfriend and I listened to church online, as it continued to rain outside. The pastor talked about Joy VS. Happiness . Explaining, that these two words have very different meanings. Hundreds of thousands of people every year search the word "happiness." So many (including myself), are searching for relief from this economy, answers to questions, and their identities that they are convinced they have lost. I've seen a multitude of How To Find  Happiness & Self Fulfillment books at the thrift store. In full transparency, I'm sure some of these books have made it into my buggy.  For some reason, these books that are supposed to give these life altering answers always get donated back. As I listened to the sermon, I learned that happiness is a feeling created from positive events happening around us. While joy, despite what is going on, is created