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Thrifting Vintage Treasure To Decorate My Small Bedroom With


    My boyfriend and I have discovered this new bins store near us called, Where Ya Bin. Apparently, this store sells only Amazon returns at discounted prices. I wish I had a picture of the entire place but imagine the Goodwill Bins and that is pretty much it! The prices vary by day and decrease as the week goes on. Yesterday, it was $3 day. I picked up a few things like some crochet tools that I'm going to use to work with clay. Can you tell that I like to repurpose stuff haha! Today, everything at this store was $1. I picked up about $8 work of items. One being this wood mallet above. Though it has a big crack down the back of it, I thought aesthetically it was beautiful. As soon as I saw this guy, he literally called to me! 

    Another very interesting find is this fierce looking werwolf Halloween mask that I found right before I left. Something About the gold & black coloring just really grabbed my attention. This mask, though made of foam, reminds me of a bronze statue. I put this mask over one of the plates that I had hanging on my wall. Hopefully no one ever asks where I get my decorating ideas because I literally pull them out of the thin air. Whatever calls to me, goes on my wall or in my room somewhere. This wolf mask. was $1, which I am very happy with. 


    This next picture is of a little bee tray I attached to my wall with some command strips tonight. I found this guy at Goodwill for I believe $2.99 the other day. The other day I heard that bees make like a tablespoon of honey in their life time! That makes me feel amazed and yet, incredibly sad. And yet, for them I'm sure it is an incredible accomplishment. 

Here is my buggy at Goodwill. I literally had all Christmas decorations in there!! I discovered these really cute vintage Gnomes that I believe are made of clay, sitting on the shelves. They were $2.99 and because of that, they came home with me. The vintage paper Christmas ornaments in the box were all $4.99. My plan is to sell these individually. There is a lot that I need to get listed before Christmas, which feels overwhelming. When I went back to Goodwill today, I found even more gnomes! 

Thankfully, my boyfriend let me use the bottom shelf in his living room to store my entire mini community of gnomes that have moved in. They all look quite happy and jolly to be living with us! Keep me in your thoughts as I research, measure, photograph, and list all of the new little friends. In all reality, this was a $95 investment, as each piece was $2.99. I'm feeling pretty confident that was a good decision. With that being said, you never really know what is going to sell and what is not going too! It is all a game of chance at the end of the day. But I love to sell. It brings me peace. 

I saw these descriptive words in a decorator book, "Flea Market Decorating" by Better Homes And Gardens the other day: "weathered textures & time softened colors." The person was describing what they were passionate about selling. I loved those words and added them to my Etsy description. They also said "Buy What You Love. What you respond to with a passion. I don't have things out that I don't love." Beautiful! 

Lastly, but certainly not least, I started to read the Bible that I have kept next to my bed last night. In all transparency, I was feeling quite hopeless last night. Therefore, I Googled "versus to look up when you feel hopeless." These were the recommended verses: 

I then read some of Genesis about the creation & the great flood. I think these are two stories that are good to start with because they are easy to read and understand. It is interesting to me that God made animals before He made man for some reason. Also, that God felt so frustrated at His creations that he was going to literally "blot them all out." This makes me empathize with him, in that I have felt that way with art before. I just looked at whatever I created and felt like it was crap & that basically I wanted to trash it all. He found favor with Noah though, which seemed to give God hope and literally cause Him to change His mind about completely destroying everything. 

Something I am pondering is, was God in a more human form during this time? I'm not questioning God's power or my faith in Him. I'm just having a disconnect as to why He reacted with human emotions in an intense/angry way, when He is all knowing. The only answer that I can come up with is that He knew his creations were going to be reading His word one day. And that it was important for Him to be relatable in order to draw near to us. 

If you read this, thank you so much for your support! I continue to have good days and bad ones. Days where I feel like I am financially suffocating and others where I experience the sensation of being warm & safe. Starting over is definitely a brutal journey that has many twists and turns. It takes a lot of time, patience, and determination. You also must be very brave. Having experienced all that I have, when I look back, I do not think everyone could make it through all the things I have without turning to some form of extreme self sabotage. I'm thankful for my faith, love for reselling, my amazingly supportive boyfriend, the little bohemian bedroom, all the journals, the books that lay next to me in the bed, light from candles gently burning, and for the continued determination to never give up.  


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