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How To Find Your Authentic Self


I hear all too often that people are searching for themselves. The ultimate question is, who am I? What defines me? Which things make me happy? It’s as if we are on this continuous journey of self discovery throughout our lives. Being in my 30’s, I have to admit that I do not know if there is ever an end to this process. The more I go through, the more I grow through. 

With that being said, I think it’s important to know what you love. These things will bring you peace in darkness, help you self soothe during grief, and bring sunshine into your day. If you have lost site of what you love or are truly not sure, that is absolutely okay. Do not panic! Most of us have been there. 

Things I would recommend to discover what you love: 


Look through millions of pictures to find styles, photographs, recipes, etc that look appealing! Save them into files that you can return to later for inspiration.

Vision Board 

Get a canvas from a thrift store & some Mod Podge from Walmart or craft store. Cut pictures out of magazines or books that make your soul feel alive. Let yourself dream, for this is a safe space where you can. Find pictures that represent your goals, destinations, future home, and all that brings you comfort. Glue your pictures to the canvas with Mod Podge. Then add a layer of Mod Podge over top of pictures. Look up “vision boards” on Pinterest to get more ideas! 


There is something about putting pen to paper that gets your ideas flowing.  Having a journal is comforting & gives you a safe space to pour your heart into. What's nice about journaling is that you can revisit your past entries & learn about yourself as you grow & heal! 

Life Coach 

I understand that having a life coach is a luxury.  I've had mine for about four years now & she has been AMAZING.  I had trauma & heartbreak in my past which she has helped me work through.  In being able to heal & rebuild from this, I have been able to refocus on myself.  I've learned how to use boundaries, navigate relationships, and discover more about myself.  I would say if you are able to get a few sessions with a life coach, it can help you brainstorm ideas about your future. 


I'm not talking about running laps! (Unless you want too!) Doing something to get moving, be it walking, swimming, yoga, or other form of physical activity is very healthy for your mind.  Often, I get home from work and am so full of adrenaline (and stress) from my job.  Sleeping is often out of the question! I started walking at night under the stars while listening to my playlist.  I kept up with it & it became a. habit.  It gives me fresh air & time I need to really clear my mind.  It feels impossible to focus on what we need to when so many thoughts about things we can't solve are running through our mind! Try exercising & then seeing if you are able to identify more things you love.  You may be able to also identify things in your life that you are grateful for, which is a plus too!  Having hope is so important. 

As I think of more things that may help you, I will add them to the list.  If you have any ideas or advice you would like to add in the comments section below, I absolutely welcome it!! Your time to respond helps not only me but also others that are in the process of rebuilding their life. From my heart, I thank you for your support.   


Start Over Darling


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