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When Quitting Your Job Means Investing In Life

Yesterday, I quit one of my jobs. Do you ever feel like your life is going up in flames? Literally? I took on two jobs, recently working six days a week, to "change my life." What ultimately happened was that I was so burned out from the stress that I didn't have time to enjoy life. In general. Time is our greatest commodity. I've found that I have gifted countless minutes to businesses that over work and underpay. This has caused me to sacrifice so many moments where I could have been reading in the sun, painting shells, listening to self help vlogs, walking in nature, and just remembering the importance of laughter. 

    Well, since I no longer have that job, today I remembered to be myself. I walked in the sunshine, mailed packages out, got a over sized Starbucks iced Vanilla Latte, found a stretched glass decor piece at a thrift store for $4.99, got a cord from Best Buy that hopefully will upload my photos for this blog, and put away laundry that was hidden behind my bed. It is amazing what you can check off your list when you are not punching a time clock. Though I realize that working is a priority for most of us, so should self care be. 

    That leads me to why I started this blog. Start Over Darling is going to encompass all sorts of challenges that we face when we start over and motivation to make it to the other side. I want to take the shame out of the rebuilding process, motivate people of all ages that it is never too late, bring transparency to the forefront, throw a huge tablespoon of sarcasm in my writing for laughs, and really put my soul into this blog. Though I'm thankful all of my failed marriages, careers, and living locations are not on my resume for display, I do have a deep desire to share my experiences with those that will tuck them away as hope for their heart. 

    Expect Start Over Darling to be colorful, Pinterest inspired, minimalistic, artsy, inspirational, emotional, well traveled, relatable, and balm for the aching soul. I encourage a supportive community of people from all walks of life, all religions, all sexualities, all locations, and all backgrounds to join me on this journey of healing, recovery, and starting over. I've always believed in the power of prayer and that we are stronger together. Never hesitate to share your story or advice in my comments section. I welcome positive support, as it gives us all a safe place to land. 

Start Over, Darling


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